Fire the imagination and interest of your students with a guided walk in Akaroa. Stand at the very places where significant events have occurred, look at real buildings and artifacts and step back in time with a guide in costume.

Akaroa Guided Walks has a range of options for school groups customised to suit different age groups and their curriculum, including Primary, Intermediate, History, French language and Tourism students. All the programs include a reference booklet with historic pictures for each student to use and keep.
Walks can be arranged to fit in with other activities such as harbour cruises. If the weather is wet, we carry on with an adapted indoor program. Walks are priced to meet school budgets. To book or discuss your school trip, please:
Contact Linda Sunderland
email: or phone: 0274 100 921.

Some examples of the programs we currently have on offer and schools who use our programs are:

Primary and Intermediate students: "Pompey the Penguin's Mystery History Tour" is a 1.5 hour tour including a mix of storytelling and interactive activities suited for year 5 - 8. The reference booklet features Pompey, a tame penguin popular with visitors 100 years ago. Topics covered include: whaling, the Treaty of Waitangi, the pioneer French settlers, changes to the natural environment and the social development of early colonial New Zealand. "Pompey the Penguin's Scavenger Hunt" is a separate self guided activity which complements the guided walk and we often split larger classes into two groups. One group does the Scavenger Hunt while the other takes the guided tour and then they swap over.

History students: We have a range of options for High School history students. Our most popular option is a 2 hour guided tour which covers the pre-colonial Maori history, including the raids of Te Rauparaha, the French colonial plan and the impact of the Treaty of Waitangi and the English settlers and visits many of Akaroa's historic sites in both North and South Akaroa. For larger groups we offer a multi stream program matching self guided and guided tours at the senior level.

French Language students: For students of French we offer "Emilie Libeau's French tour" featuring the life of a French teenager, visiting many of the sites associated with her life in Akaroa, including the French landing site where her father came ashore, the French cemetery, the Catholic church and the cottages where her family ran a brick factory. This is a story full of pathos, and students are given a letter in French written by Emilie to translate.

Tourism and Environmental Management: We offer a 1/2 day program covering the issues involved with sustainable tourism and development in a environmentally sensitive historic village. The program combines a presentation on Akaroa's history, a guided tour and self guided work by the students to discover sensitive sites and assess how they have been managed.

Schools who regularly use Akaroa Guided Walks for their field trips and camps include:
Chisnalwood Intermediate, Selwyn House, Alexandra Primary, Lincoln High School, Burnside High School, Cashmere High School, Papanui High School